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Massage Therapies

Our massage therapists have many years of experience. Each massage will be tailored for your individual requirements – A full consultation will be done on your 1st visit.

We use only the finest oils which are hand pressed, paraben free and not tested on animals.

Massage & Reflexology

Swedish Massage


Full Body 1 hour
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 mins
  45 mins
Deep Tissue 1 hour

Hot Stone Massage

Warm Basalt stones are used during this highly ritualistic and relaxing massage therapy.

Hot Stones 30 mins
  1 hour
  Add to any massage


A holistic massage via the feet an excellent way to treat anxiety and stress.

30 minute appointment  
1 hour appointment  
Reflexology plus 30 mins massage  
Hopi Ear Candles 30 mins
Indian Head Massage 30 mins

Pregnancy Massage

The areas most likely to benefit during pregnancy are the lower back and the legs.  The lower back, as the muscles in this region are used to counterbalance the load at the front.  The legs will ache more simply because of the extra weight and less effective lymph system.  Massage helps to reduce muscle spasm and to lesson congestion in the tissues.  Massage also provides a pleasant way of keeping skin moisturised and soft, thereby helping to avoid stretch marks.

Not to be treated in the 1st Trimester.

Consent from GP/Midwife prior to appointment

30 minute appointment  
1 hour appointment